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08 June 2013 @ 11:28 pm
Author: shy_mizuno
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Disclaimer: If they belonged to me, Henry would be SO much more popular. EXO wouldn't even exist.
Summary: Henry's not exactly handling the death of his girlfriend very well. Taemin and Kyuhyun are witnesses to that
Note: Inspired by Henry-shi's Trap MV

To Kyuhyun, Henry was his important dongsaeng – the one and only member that he was responsible for. To Taemin, Henry was a hyung he could relate to; a hyung who no matter how longer he’d been in the business, still looked at the world like Taemin did: pure and bright.

So to know where Henry was – locked behind a door, playing his piano obsessively – it troubled them.

Between the two of them, they must’ve paced in front of that door at least 100 times. They had tried everything – talking through the door, calling his phone inside, bringing in others. Heck! They even tried to force their ways in by picking the lock. From the other side, they heard the piano keys make a sour note. Even if they got in, there was no guarantee they’d be welcomed.

As much as they hated it, they had to wait until Henry would come out.

Four days – four days that they slept outside his room. Four days that Henry didn’t eat – they didn’t even know if he slept. They both could attest to at the strangest hours, hearing Henry’s voice murmuring through the door.

After four days…things got bad.

Taemin jumps awake to harsh notes coming out of the piano. He scrambles to stand up, hands up against the wood. “Henry-hyung? Are you okay? Henry-hyung?” He knocks on the wood. “Henry-hyung!”

There’s a shout – a roar.

“Kyuhyun-hyung!” Taemin calls. He doesn’t care if he wakes any of the other members, he doesn’t know what to do right now. He just goes on knocking on the wood. “Henry-hyung! Henry-hyung!”

Kyuhyun comes out of his room stumbling into pajama bottoms. “What’s going on, Taemin?”

“I don’t know, hyung. He just…yelled really loud. Henry-hyung! Are you okay?”

For a moment, all they can hear is Taemin’s knocking. And then it’s countered with the sound of something metal being toppled over.

And then something paper…

And then something ceramic…and big…

Kyuhyun pushes Taemin back behind him, shoving against the door. “Henry! Henry, let us in! Henry, open the door! Let us in!” He rams his shoulder into the door over and over and over. Thankfully, it does give way and Kyuhyun and Taemin come tumbling in.

Taemin jumped to Henry’s side by the piano. “Henry-hyung? Are you okay?” Henry tensed as Taemin wrapped his arms around him, slowly rising him up to sit.

His gaze slowly turned to him and it was so strange, his eyes. They were wide and bloodshot, searching for answers. Taemin wondered what kind of questions were running through his mind.


Taemin felt a knife dig into his heart. He forced a smile and squeezed tight to Henry’s arms. “No, Henry. It’s me. Taemin.” He took Henry’s hands in his. “Why don’t you come outside with us, hyung? Come get some fresh air.”

Kyuhyun, like he was approaching a feral animal, kneeled slowly beside the two. “Henry…” He lifted one of Henry’s hands and turned it carefully palm-up.

Loosely, yet tightly at the same time, Henry held a pack of matches. Kyuhyun looked into his eyes. “Henry, why do you have these?”

That catatonic look on his face vanished and then Henry was clinging to Kyuhyun, eyes wild with passion. “I have to burn it, hyung! If I burn it…I’ll stop seeing her. I…I keep seeing her. She won’t go away!”

Kyuhyun mirrored his dongsaeng. “You don’t need to burn anything, Henry. Do you hear me? Jo-noona is gone – she’s not coming back. But that doesn’t mean that you need to follow her.” He situated the two of them so Henry could see Taemin, too. “Me and Tae have been worried sick about you – you don’t need to lock yourself in here, okay? Just…come outside with us. Get out of this room – it’s not doing any good for you.”

Henry looked between the two of them – between his hyung and dongsaeng. “Kui Xian-ge…Taemin…” A sob bubbled out of his throat and he hung his head. His shoulders shook, harder and harder. Kyuhyun looked at Taemin. Together they just watched Henry cry out…and if you asked Kyuhyun, it was going to be the last time he cried.

“Come on.” Those arms on Henry’s arms tightened even more and hauled the musician fully to his feet. Henry looked up with the tears still running down his cheeks.

“I know you miss her, Henli. But being trapped in here isn’t going to do any good.” He wiped away those tears with one hand. “Come outside with us. Things’ll be better if you do.”

And for once, Kyuhyun and Taemin saw a smidge of their old Henry, when he looked up at Kyuhyun with big, innocent eyes. “Really hyung? Things will be okay?”

Taemin stepped in closer, placing his hand over Kyuhyun’s. “Really, really, hyung.”
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leeteukeunhae on June 9th, 2013 09:35 am (UTC)
henli, bb. ; u ;
when the song actually turned into a story, it hurt a lot to read. but the performance is fucking hot. omg ; ;
thanks for writing this.
Your "disclaimer" is A+ <3
minnbuin8611minnbuin8611 on June 11th, 2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
i may not reading this fic. sorry )): (cos i only read kyumin fic. picky much)
i comment here because your disclaimer is awesome lol