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Princess Series pt. 7 - Pocahontas Ch. 3

Title: Pocahontas
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Kibum/Hankyung
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and Disney interpretation of Pocahontas belongs to Walt Disney.
Summary: Han Geng has always ventured out into the world - but one day, the world ventured to him.

The slow march back to the village had Han Geng dragging his feet through the dirt. He fingered the compass, looking at it and turning it around, half memorized by the arrow, which would always return to the three-lined character Kibum called 'N'. He had never realized he had returned until he heard the people were huddled around the central fire. Han Geng'sjumped as the fire did the same.

Wo er zi,” Zhou Mi rounded the people, facing his son.

Han Geng looked about, at the tense warriors, at the chanting shamans, at the frightened people, before addressing his father. “What is going on?”

“Fadzya Mama has warned us of a great enemy, unlike any we have every faced.”

Han Geng quickly hid the compass behind his back. “...Here?”

Zhou Mi nodded. “They are a new type of warriors – I do not know if we will be victorious.”

In the confusing worry, the words slowly came together. “Wait – victorious?” Zhou Mi slowly approached the fire and Han Geng ran behind him. “You intend to fight them?”

Zhou Mi turned around. “Han Geng, you are as pale as the moon.” His father held his cheek and at the touch, Han Geng could feel himself trembling. Zhou Mi sighed, relaxing only a little. Ever the warrior, he was. “These creatures have attacked us once; the scouts were observing when they attacked with thunder and fire. We can only assume that they will attack and so, we must fortify.”

“They attacked?” The confusion blended together. It was like his head was below water, only not so pleasurable this time around. This time, it felt like he was being held there against his will, unable to rise again. He couldn't focus on one singular thought. Zhou Mi sighed once more, called back by the fire.

There was a tree a pace away and Han Geng collapsed against it. If Kibum's people had attacked, surely the Nanai were right to retaliate. But Kibum, poor ignorant Kibum, would be thrown in the center. But if they were to play idle, then the Nanai...Kibum...Han Geng grasped at his chest for breathe.

The compass.

His breath caught in his throat, so difficult to breathe under the thoughts as he looked at the characters, the arrow. Kibum.

May sun rise be damned. Kibum needed to know, needed to warn his people. Perhaps Grandfather Dong Xi could direct him. North from him, didn't he say?

Han Geng shot through the woods. The grass brushed his leg, branches reaching out (as if to hold him back) but Han Geng thought only of the stranger.

---> Chapter 4

Tags: g: sj, p: hankyung/kibum, r: pg
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