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Princess Series pt. 7 - Pocahontas Ch. 4

Title: Pocahontas
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Kibum/Hankyung
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and Disney interpretation of Pocahontas belongs to Walt Disney.
Summary: Han Geng has always ventured out into the world - but one day, the world ventured to him.

“Grandfather! Grandfather Dong Xi!” Han Geng came to the tree. His head was even more fuzzed than ever his visits before, left behind in his running. They shattered from thought to thought as he looked about for answer. “Grandfather Dong Xi, I need your help!”

“Han Geng?” Han Geng turned around. Out of Grandfather Dong Xi's leaves came the tall form of Kibum.

Tian ah8!” Han Geng crossed the distance in a jump, wrapping his arms around the other. Kibum held him tight, fingers winding through Han Geng's black hair. They stood in the sun setting, nearly trying to become one being.

Kibum was the first to pull away, his arms remaining on Han Geng's hips. “Han Geng, you are in trouble. The people...they are preparing for battle. Against your people.”

Han Geng nodded. “As are mine.” He shook his head, focusing on Kibum like the other would to him. “You must leave. Return to Korea.”

“Han Geng -”

“You do not understand. Out warriors returned from battle just this morning. They are only all too eager to fight again. You must leave.”

Kibum shook his head as well. He cradled Han Geng's face. “I will not leave you behind, not now.” Kibum sighed and so, those hands fell to his side. “Besides, the man are too hungry for gold and land. It was all planned by that magistrate, money crazy like he is. They are also eager – and will not leave easily.” Han Geng's head was under water once more and he let Kibum hold him. “We will think of something.” Kibum whispered.

Han Geng was not too sure. In his closed eyes, he saw fire and thunder and blood. He saw tall men like Kibum, big and muscled, gaining warrior marks in the blood of the Nanai. Marks they did not deserrve – stolen marks. And the Nanai would crawl out those mark and kill them. Steal, kill, death.

“Bring me.” Kibum suddenly whispered.

Han Geng leaned back, eyebrows even higher.

“Bring me to your father – your King. You said you were a prince, didn't you? Take me to your King. We can speak peacefully, where no one can be hurt.”

Han Geng blinked. Why had he not thought of this? Had he been so terrified, so confused, to think clearly? “They...they will not be peaceful.”

“Well,” Kibum said, with that smile he gave Grandfather Dong Xi. “I trust you will not let anything happen.” Han Geng had to laugh, pushing down the fear in his heart. Kibum brushed a hand over the worried expression, moving down to hold Han Geng's hand. They nodded together, turning hand in hand into the woods.

It was a flurry of action. Suddenly Shi Yuan was there, tackling Kibum to the ground and holding the Korean with a forearm against his throat. Kibum struggled as peacefully as he could, pushing rather than shoving and truly fighting back.

“Shi Yuan, bie da ta9!” Han Geng screamed. He wrapped his arms about the warrior's torso and tugged. But Han Geng was a prince, not yet a warrior chief and not as strong. With one great shove, Shi Yuan had Han Geng against the tree.

“Han Geng!” Kibum placed his foot at Shi Yuan's stomach and flipped him over. Free, he dove to the dizzy man, helping to steady him up. “Are you okay? Can you see?”

“Mmm...” Han Geng nodded. He blinked, waiting for the world to right itself. Han Geng looked upon Kibum and his bruised neckline. He sighed and there on the ground, he saw a strip of hide with the shattered remains of brilliant jewels about it. His father's bracelet...his father's His sight-line ran front and saw Shi Yuan gathering to his feet. With practiced stealth, he stalked forward with dagger unsheathed. “Kibum!”

Kibum spun on his heels just in time to grab the down-swing of Shi Yuan's attack. He struggled to keep his arm tense, keep the blade away from the intended target of his heart. But Shi Yuan was stronger than Kibum and the dagger drew closer. Only one outcome seemed possible.

Suddenly, Kibum twisted Shi Yuan's arm around and the dagger stuck in the base of Shi Yuan's spine.

Blood stained his hand at an alarming rate, no matter how quick Kibum removed his the weapon. Han Geng gasped, sobs strangling his throat. They together watched Shi Yuan fall to his knees, hips, face, unto the Earth.

Kibum had killed Shi Yuan.

Han Geng screamed enough to shake the trees. He dove beside the warrior. Without thought, his hands sought out the body and turning it over, Shi Yuan's wide eyes stared up at the sky; Han Geng begged those eyes to look at him.

“Han Geng.” In some other world, he heard Kibum whisper his name. There, where Shi Yuan's comrades came out of the forest and forced Kibum to his knees. In that other world, Kibum was dragged back to the village.

But that was another world. A frightening world where Han Geng loved a foreigner, a foreigner that had killed one of his people. And still, he loved a foreiger. Another world where his heart was left behind. Now, he had had entered a brand new world with no heart, no love left inside of him.

Translation: "Tian Ah!" - Oh God!

 Translation: "Shi Yuan, bie da ta!" - Shi Yuan, don't hit him!

---> Chapter 5

Tags: g: sj, p: hankyung/kibum, r: pg
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