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Princess Series pt. 7 - Pocahontas Ch. 5

Title: Pocahontas
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Kibum/Hankyung
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and Disney interpretation of Pocahontas belongs to Walt Disney.
Summary: Han Geng has always ventured out into the world - but one day, the world ventured to him.

Twilight long since past when Han Geng had returned to the village. The chaos, the tension vibrated inside the dwelling and it stung, like a bear's attack. The people looked to him. Most likely, they knew the happenings of their new prisoner. Gossips, all of them. Han Geng inhaled deeply and walked into his home.

“Father...” in all that was happening, Han Geng was thankful to find his father inside the longhouse. He crossed the room in grand steps, hiding like a child for a moment.

“I heard you were with those other men.” His father whispered. Han Geng worried his lip, not moving from the hug. Zhou Mi squeezed him tight. “I thought he had wounded you.”

“Kibum would never hurt me.” Han Geng insisted. He pulled away, catching the surprise on his father's face. He sighed, “He...but...Aiya, I am so confused. I don't know what to say.”

Zhou Mi pursed his lips. Han Geng felt their arms part and watched his father turn his back. “Shi Yuan had seen your reaction to Fadzya Mama's warning. He followed you into the forest to ensure you were alright.”

“He...he had?” Han Geng's heart pumped painfully in his chest, tight enough stutter his breath.

Zhou Mi nodded, leaning over a grand chest. His voice stopped being so gentle suddenly. “He has killed Shi Yuan qiansheng. The people are restless and as we have one of their own. His are too, most likely. Come sunrise, he will be put to death and a war shall open.”

“War?” Han Geng echoed. “But...they said it yourself. They are no enemy we have faced. To wage against them -”

“-is a battle with no clear victor – yes.” Zhou Mi finished, grabbing a large staff. Han Geng's eyes honed in at the top, discolored by years of blood. “But it is how the wind must blow.”

Han Geng heard the water, gurgling in his head as thoughts swam. He hated this feeling, like a million things were developing at once and he couldn't control any one of them. Yet that was the only thing he was feeling as of late.

“I want to see him.” Han Geng forced out and suddenly, everything went still. Zhou Mi turned to look at him and it took all of Han Geng to stand a a prince. “I want to look in his eyes.”

Zhou Mi did not respond – physically or verbally – for the longest time. Maybe he was waiting for the night to pass, waiting for the war to begin. Hit the flint when you are cold, not when you have the firewood. But, when Hang Geng had to stop withholding his breath, Zhou Mi opened the door and led his son to the prisoner.

With a wave of his staff, the guards of the holding house stepped aside. Han Geng bowed gratefully to his father and stepped inside.

Han Geng was overwhelmed by Kibum's slathered state. His garments that had shone by the sunlight were torn and dulled. His hair was disheveled, leading down to the black eye and broken lips that complimented his still bruised neckline. Han Geng's hands furled into tight fists to hold onto his reserve. Aware of the guards behind him, he spoke clearly, “Qing chu qu.” He knew the guards were hesitant, but to deny their prince would be worse than what they had done to Kibum.

Alone at last, Kibum forced that gentle smile on his bloody lips. “Ni hao, Han Geng.”

All this time, Han Geng had been holding back tears. They rushed forward and Han Geng fell to his knees. He threw his arms around Kibum, sobbing into his chest. Hands tied behind his back, Kibum could do nothing to comfort but place his chin upon Han Geng's crown.

“I am so sorry, Kibum. I am so very, very sorry.” Han Geng sobbed, as if he were begging to be forgiven. He sniffled, trying to meld himself into Kibum's heart. “This is good, thought, isn't it? You're here now. Now, we can speak to my father and -”

“Han Geng.” Kibum stopped him. Han Geng stared at the other as Kibum slowly shook his head. “I have killed someone. Someone who obviously meant a lot to you, and to your people.”

Han Geng hadn't even realized he was shaking until Kibum spoke. “But...but...if Shi Yuan had never attacked were defending yourself. You didn't mean to -”

“I knew what would happen when he attacked me. The only way it was going to end was with death. I took his life over mine. I killed him, Han Geng. Your people are right.”

Han Geng furiously shook his head. He'd heard it everywhere, but hearing 'killed' from Kibum's own mouth...their private world was shattered. All other worlds were shattered and he couldn't stand it anymore. He buried himself in Kibum, no longer holding back the sobs.“I'm so sorry. If we had never met, none of this would be going so, so wrong. If I had never stepped forward things would just much better.”

“No, no – don't say that.” Kibum pulled back, but Han Geng would not look up. “Han Geng-ah...look at me.” With tears in his eyes, Han Geng raised his head. “ I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.” Han Geng bit his lip at the feel of new tears and threw himself back against Kibum.

The moon shone bright upon them, signaling midnight had come. Han Geng knew their time had ended, but he did not want to obey. As he placed one foot on the ground, followed by another, his bones creaked. They resisted for him, making it that harder to leave. His hand stroked over Kibum's face, memorizing the day old face into his skin. As he left, those fingers lingered on Kibum's skin until the last moment.

Outside the holding house, the village was still but heavy with fitful sleepers. It was suffocating, heavy upon his chest. It was a horrible sensation that Han Geng hated. He had to leave no matter how it would look. The blood, the battle, the anger – he had to get away from it all.

Han Geng ran.

Translation: "Aiya" - basically, you say it when you're sighing. Like 'Aish'

Translation: "qing chu qu" - Please get out (not that mean, of course, but there's get out - chu qu - and come out - chu lai - and that's the only way I know how to differentiate them)

---> Chapter 6

Tags: g: sj, p: hankyung/kibum, r: pg
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