Shy_Mizuno (shy_mizuno) wrote,

Princess Series pt. 7 - Pocahontas Ch. 7

Title: Pocahontas
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Kibum/Hankyung
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and Disney interpretation of Pocahontas belongs to Walt Disney.
Summary: Han Geng has always ventured out into the world - but one day, the world ventured to him.

That magistrate that Kibum had despised so and had started this entire expedition had yielded those strange sticks called a 'gun' and injured Kibum – aiming for Zhou Mi. If it had not been for Kibum's quick actions, Han Geng would be without a warring father and leading the war, himself.

Kibum was far from the brink of death, but to stay in China was no option. The Koreans readied their large boat with plenty of supplies presented by the Nanai. In turn, the Koreans shared their tools – compasses and sticks called pencils and leaves called paper. And Kibum gave Han Geng the present of parting.

“Come with me.”

Kibum had to ask, as he lay covered by a blanket, eyes tired with staying awake. Koreans stood by on the private moment, but Han Geng didn't mind.

Everything inside the prince told him to fly at that very moment. To go and travel to Korea. “But … “I can not. My place is here and yours, Kibum, is in Korea.”

Kibum sighed and so slowly, that little smile (of course) lay on his lips. “ another lifetime, then.” Han Geng nodded. He leaned down, placing cheek against cheek. The wind blew gently, enveloping the two of them and in that moment, they were one. They were reforming into two – with bits of the other melded in.

---> The Frog Prince

Tags: g: sj, p: hankyung/kibum, r: pg
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