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Princess Series pt. 8 - The Frog Prince Chapter 1

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Henry
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and The Frog Prince is its own original work, seperate from this piece.
Summary: Prince Zhou Mi is to find out the strength of a promise

The youngest of three, Prince Zhou Mi was beloved by the King, Han Geng, the most. It could be that during his birth, so many medical officers would not believe he would survive. Perhaps he treasured him because Zhou Mi was the last gift his wife gave him before she ascended. Or maybe it was just for that sparkle in his son's little eyes.

But as much as his father loved him, his brothers hated him ten-fold.

As third in line, it would be highly unlikely that Zhou Mi should claim the throne. More than likely, that would go to his eldest brother Heejun, with his second brother Seungho rising to Prime Minister or some other high officer. Zhou Mi posed no threat, but with his father's love, his brothers feared Han Geng would change the law in his favor. So they teased him, they insulted him, they sneered at him, and if they could get away with it, they beat him.

Zhou Mi wished he had his brothers' love alongside his father's, but he learned early on that that was an impossibility.

So Zhou Mi turned to the castle servants for a play fellow. Han Geng raised him to be kind and gracious to all creatures, big and small. Everyday, he greeted the maids and manservants with a great smile. From very young, he played in the kitchen and learned to cook from the gentle and patient chefs. The gardeners would take time from their busy days to play tag and hide-and-seek with the little prince. He loved his friends and helped them as much as possible and in return, they loved him.

For his tenth name-day, the servants banded together to buy their prince a bright golden ball. It shined brightly in both sun and moonlight and was so light, it bounced like a fluff ball. Even as Zhou Mi had grown into a tall, handsome 20-year-old man, the golden ball was still his favorite plaything.

One day, as Zhou Mi wandered the gardens with his ball – as he was oft to do – he bounced the ball absently. Distracted by the new tulips and daffodils growing with Spring, he didn't notice the ball's arch get higher and longer. He did not notice, until he heard a splunk and no could no longer see his ball.

The ball had fallen into a well. Zhou Mi ran to the edge and was dismayed to see the water was too low for him to reach. Even with half his body in the well, the ball was just out of his reach.

What was he going to do? The ball was his most precious treasure. Tears came to his eyes and the prince cried by the well.

“What has happened, handsome man?”

Zhou Mi turned up from his hands to the voice. He saw no person, but a bright green frog. He had never encountered a talking animal, but the ancient lore did not rule it out.

He sniffled and wiped away his tears. “My precious ball has fallen into the well and I can not get it out.” Zhou Mi sniffled, holding back tears.

The frog croaked, hopping about the stones of the well. He jumped forward and backwards, left and right, before returning to Zhou Mi's side. “I can get your ball back.”


The frog's mouth inflated, as if that was the creature's version of nodding. “It would be no trouble for me at all. But for my favor, you must do me a good turn as well.”

Zhou Mi nodded profusely, moving to his knees on the ground to stare the frog in the eye. “Anything, Sir Frog. Anything.”

“You must take me with you to the castle. I do not ask for much, but to sit beside you at dinner, share your plate with you, and to sleep beside you. If you can promise me this, I will get your ball for you.”

Zhou Mi nodded once more. “I promise.”

At those words, the frog jumped into the well. Zhou Mi watched from above. From there, he could only see water and the ball. Suddenly, the ball disappeared and the next moment, the frog jumped out with his mouth once more inflated. All was still.

The frog opened his mouth and the gold ball fell out to Zhou Mi. The prince was so excited, he scooped up the ball in one movement. With the greatest smile, Zhou Mi ran off back to the castle, too caught up in his relief to remember his promise.

“Young Prince!” The frog called after him. He jumped off the well and followed after.

-----> Chapter 2

Tags: #multi-chapter, g: sj, p: zhou mi/henry, r: pg
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