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Princess Series Pt. 8 - The Frog Prince Chapter 2

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Henry
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and The Frog Prince is its own original work, seperate from this piece.
Summary: Prince Zhou Mi is about to find out the strength of a promise

The day hurried on and the next Zhou Mi knew, dinner was served. He had not let his golden ball go for a second, so it sat on his lap beneath the table. His brothers glared at him, but in front of their father, they would say anything about how silly it was for a 20-year-old prince to fancy over a stupid ball. They were jealous heirs, you see.

A manservant knocked on the door of the Great Hall and announced himself. “Sir, there is a visitor for Prince Zhou Mi.”

Both King and Prince were confused. “A visitor? For Zhou Mi? At this hour? No, no -” King Han Geng said, “set a room for him and we will meet him in the morning.”

Here, the manservant turned sour, uncomfortable in his own skin. “ is a frog.”

Suddenly, Zhou Mi remembered and in surprise, his ball rolled down and away from him. He turned to his father. “Baba, the frog is for me. I lost my ball in a well and he retrieved it for me, but only if I promised he would live here in the castle with me.”

The brothers laughed. “First it was men, now it's frogs. Baba, are you sure Zhou Mi is your son? He sure is strange.”

Zhou Mi curled his hands into fists, face flushed as a red tomato. Oh yes, his brothers enjoyed this insult. The only way Zhou Mi could even hope to be King would be to marry another royal family – and the only person he would be interested in marrying would be a man. Yes, he was a homosexual. He'd known perhaps earlier than he knew his brothers would never love him. He wasn't ashamed, despite knowing how the kingdom would chatter and how other royals would look upon him. But when his brothers would use it as an insult...well, he couldn't quite help being upset.

Thankfully, Han Geng fixed them with a stern glare. “Be quiet, Heejun, Seungho.” Like the removal of a mask, he turned to Zhou Mi with gentle eyes. “Zhou Mi, you should not have forgotten your promise. You should help those who helped you in your time of need. If you have made a promise, you will have to keep it.” He waved his hand, looking at his food once more. “Go on and let him in.” Zhou Mi sprang from the table.

At the garden's entrance, that same green frog sat at the threshold. The maids were plastered against the wall, afraid as maidens will be. Zhou Mi knelt, scooping the frog in his hands. “I am sorry, Sir Frog. I forgot of my promise. I'm sorry.”

The frog nearly pooled into a puddle in Zhou Mi's hands. “I have hopped all day, young prince. I am exhausted. Are you eating? Take me to the Great Hall.” Zhou Mi nodded, spinning on his heels.

When the doors opened, the silence was almost over-bearing as Zhou Mi returned to his seat at Han Geng's left. On the table, Zhou Mi placed the frog in front of his wine-glass before taking his own seat. Nobody spoke. The only sounds were silverware on plates.

“Young prince – I am hungry. Slide your plate closer so I may share your meal.” Zhou Mi nodded and obeyed. But watching the frog's tongue whip out and eat his peas and peppers – Zhou Mi lost his appetite. Add this to hearing his brothers' snickering and his face was very hot.

“Young prince – I am tired. Take me to your chambers so I may sleep.”

Zhou Mi worried his lip, looking to his father for guidance. Han Geng only nodded and Zhou Mi was forced to obey. He lifted the frog and left his meal.

Momentarily, Zhou Mi placed his frog-guest on his vanity as he made a bed for the frog out of old sheets and pillowcases. He thought he had made quite the bed, but when he turned, the frog was gone – preferring Zhou Mi's bed.

But Zhou Mi bit his tongue. “Here is your bed. I bid you good night.”

“Nay, nay – I will share your bed with you tonight.”

Promise or not, Zhou Mi stomped his foot. “Sir Frog, you have your right to make fun of me for forgetting my promise. But I am a prince and that bed,” he pointed, “will only be shared with my husband when I am married. Here is your bed – that is mine.”

The room sat quiet for a moment, then the frog inflated his mouth. “Your husband, did you say, young prince? I would think you would want a wife, no?”

Zhou Mi breathed evenly, standing tall as his tutors had taught him – like a diplomat. “You heard me correctly – my husband. It is true I would rather a man to love me than a woman. Is that wrong, Sir Frog? Stranger things have happened than falling in love.”

Zhou Mi fixed the frog with stern eyes, waiting for the outburst that his brothers had conditioned him to expect. But the frog merely obeyed and left his bed. He hopped about, burying in the cloths. Zhou Mi breathed out, trying to let go of the anger and embarrassment inside. He undid his robe; maybe sleep would wipe this night away.

He was aware, though, that there were a second pair of eyes on him.

Turning around, the frog sat in his bedding watching him. Zhou Mi growled, “Good Night, Sir Frog.” He blew out the candles and laid down on his bed fully clothed. It would be an uncomfortable sleep, but he trusted his clothes on rather than off in front of this strange frog.

---> Ch. 3

Tags: #multi-chapter, g: sj, p: zhou mi/henry, r: pg
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