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Princess Series Pt. 8 - The Frog Prince Chapter 3

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Henry
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and The Frog Prince is its own original work, seperate from this piece
Summary: Prince Zhou Mi is about to find out the strength of a promise

Come dawn, the strange dream was still crossed with reality. Everywhere Zhou Mi went, it was 'Young Prince this' and 'Young Prince that.'

“I can't take it anymore, Shindong-hyung.” Zhou Mi leaned against his horse's hide, venting to his best friend.

Shindong was only a few years older than Zhou Mi. When they were children, Shindong had come in when his mother – his father's maid – passed away due to illness and Han Geng took the orphan in as Zhou Mi's whipping boy. The two became fast friends and now in their adult years, Shindong had taken to being stable-master and taming the horses. His second duty was being Zhou Mi's confidant and at this moment, it paid off.

Shindong laughed, brushing just to Zhou Mi's nose in a tease. “You know what they say; you reap -”

“What you sow, I know. But Kui Xian, it'''s insanity! Everywhere, everything, he wants me to cater to him. And it's never even a request – it's a demand. It's like he's my brothers, a prince who wants to be waited on, hand and foot.” Zhou Mi sighed.

“Zhou Mi, you're a prince that's waited on, hand and foot.”

“Yeah, but I don't expect it!”

Shindong rolled his eyes, feeding a carrot to the pliant horse as he rounded the stable. “Zhou Mi, I will say this creature is strange, but fate has a way of sorting things out. You'll see.” He nodded over and the two carried Zhou Mi's saddle onto the horse. “So he's demanding – maybe this is a test for you to see how you will handle your brothers.”

“The demands aren't even the worst part.” Zhou Mi interjected, harnessing the saddle tight. “He's forward, too. Last night he tried to watch me undress and when I woke up this morning, he was trying to kiss me!”

Shindong stared at him for a moment and laughter just burst forward. He tripped over himself and rolled in the hay, laughing.

“I'm serious!” Zhou Mi scolded.

“Zhou Mi, please. It is a frog and you are a human – what possible way could that work in a frog's mind?” Shindong still laughed, but calmed under Zhou Mi's pout.

“Whether it could work or not – it happened.” He sulked.

Their conversation was cut short as they both heard wet sloshes nearing. They both looked at the door, where that same bright green frog sat. “You are going to your archery lessons, no? Take me with you.”

Zhou Mi looked at Shindong for a moment before obeying. He kneeled down and the frog hopped in his hand. A moment later, Heejun and Seungho both appeared, ready for shooting. “Stable-boy! Where are our horses? Have you been making googly-eyes at Zhou Mi all day that you've been slacking off?”

Shindong bit his tongue and opted for a long sigh. “They're right here, milords. They've been ready since dawn today.” With a clickering, the two horses stepped out all set.

Heejun glared at Shindong, who wouldn't back down from the challenge. “If I catch you mucking up again, I'll dock your wages.”

“Yes milord.” Shindong responded automatically. It was an empty threat he'd heard time and time again.

Zhou Mi mounted his mare and placed the frog in a side-pocket so he would not fall. Before the frog could ask to be on his shoulder (or his brothers could make any more jokes) Zhou Mi set off.

---> Ch. 4

Tags: #multi-chapter, g: sj, p: zhou mi/henry, r: pg
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