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Princess Series Pt. 8 - The Frog Prince Chapter 4

Title: The Frog Prince
Author: shy_mizuno
Rating: PG
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Henry
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Super Junior belong to themselves and The Frog Prince is its own original work, seperate from this piece
Summary: Prince Zhou Mi is about to find out the strength of a promise.

Archery with his brothers also didn't help to it either. Zhou Mi wasn't a horrible shot, but he wasn't the best either. He could hear the snickers Heejun made whenever he hit the blue circle, miles away from Heejun's in the red. And Seungho kept giggling at the frog on his shoulder.

“Raise your elbow, dear prince. It should not be dangling by your waist.” The frog whispered to him. Zhou Mi turned; his brothers seemed to be lost in the sniggering, so the frog couldn't have spoken too loudly.

As had been all day, Zhou Mi obeyed quickly (so as to placate the frog.) He loaded the arrow and pulled the bow back, keeping his arm taut and straight. With a breath he let it go and the arrow flew into the red circle – closer to the center than either Heejun's or Seungho's.

Heejun and Seungho blinked, suddenly very quiet. Zhou Mi was so excited, he fired another arrow and another after that: red circle, red circle, red circle. All the tension of the day vanished and Zhou Mi smiled from ear to ear.

“OK – that's cheating.” Seungho snapped.

Zhou Mi clicked his tongue. “What do you mean it's cheating?”

“You have that frog on your shoulder. He told you what to do!”

“So?” Zhou Mi snapped. “What's different from him or  a teacher?”

Heejun put a hand on Seungho's shoulder to calm him before turning to Zhou Mi. “Are you talking back to us, little brother?”

Suddenly, Zhou Mi's energy – both the high and low – disappeared and he hid in his shoulders. “No, I'm not. I'm just...I'm not cheating.”

“No, no, no – I think you're being cheeky with us. And I don't appreciate it.” Heejun walked up to him and Zhou Mi refused to meet his eyes, cheeks flushed pink. “You may never be King, but you should still act like a prince. And princes show respect to their elders.” Heejun looked at Seungho with a smile.

That smile – sinister and spine-chilling – was duplicated on Seungho's face and his hand dove inside his knapsack. Seungho pulled out Zhou Mi's golden ball.

Zhou Mi froze, eyes glued to the ball. They must've grabbed it at dinner when it rolled away. Oh, how could he be so foolish?! “Hyung,” he pleaded, “please, don't do this.”

“I'm sorry, Mimi, but you leave us no choice. A prince has to act his part. I don't think that tongue of yours is very becoming – do you, Seungho?”

“Not at all, Heejun.”

Heejun pulled out an arrow and reeled his arm back.

The frog jumped off and landed on Heejun's shoulders, with his slimy tongue in Heejun's ear. The heir apparent gave the most undignified screech Zhou Mi had ever heard, jumping up and down. Before he could brace himself, the frog had jumped down Seungho's chest. Up and down, left and right, the frog jumped between his brothers and Zhou Mi had to stifle giggles at the silliness.

Heejun growled, grabbing the frog by the belly and flinging it against the targets. All laughter gone, Zhou Mi gasped and dove against the targets. Scooping the frog in his hands, he glared at his brothers.

“Hey! Bull-frog-zye!” Seungho laughed, clasping Heejun on the shoulder. They laughed together.

“Oh, be quiet!” Zhou Mi snapped. “He was just protecting me. It's not his fault you two are such poor shots.” He didn't spend time looking at their shocked expressions.

The frog moved, but only a little, like he was bruised. It stung, seeing something that had been nice to him hurt. Zhou Mi leaned down and placed his lips against the slimy skin.

In a swirl of magic, the frog was no more. Instead, a dark mop of brown hair on a small body was curled up beneath him. The mop turned into a head, looking up at him with bright doe eyes above adorable cheeks and a dazzling smile.

Zhou Mi gobbed. “You're – you're human!”

“Yes I am, young prince. More than that, I am a prince myself!” Zhou Mi helped his...frog-prince to his feet, full height no shorter than Zhou Mi. The prince smiled brighter, pulling back into a graceful bow. “My name is Prince Henry of Lau. A year ago, I was cursed into a frog after I wouldn't marry a noble woman.”

“ wouldn't marry her? Why?”

Henry looked with a chuckle and shook his head. “I would not marry her for the same reason you would not marry her.”

Zhou Mi held his breath for a moment and smiled out of relief. At last, somebody who was just like him. The prince placed a hand on his cheek – which turned hot red – and looked him in the eye. “I could only be human again with a kiss from a man with a pure, kind heart.” Zhou Mi, though he was turned shy, smiled just as great.

Henry gave the side-eye to Heejun and Seungho before grasping Zhou Mi's hands. “And now, we shall return to my family and join our lands together – as King and King.” Zhou Mi gobbed wide, but not wider than Heejun and Seungho. Their jaws dropped to the floor.

Henry laughed, and stared deep into Zhou Mi's eyes. “Will you allow me to share your bed now?”

Zhou Mi laughed, leaning his head against Henry's. “Yes, my dear frog prince.”

The first piece of the Princess Series - Cinderella - was posted on January 27th, 2013. Nearly EXACTLY two years later, I have finished with The Frog Prince.

I honestly can not tell you how satisfying it is to have all of this done. Eight stories, all investigated and invested. I'm just so very happy.

Thank you to everyone who read along and supported me. Thanks so much!!~

Tags: #multi-chapter, g: sj, p: zhou mi/henry, r: pg
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